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 Of Questions Often Asked - Ultima FAQs

Over the eons, many questions have recurred time and again, asked endlessly by those who have sought the enjoyment of completing the various quests in Britannia, both past and present, or even in other worlds and times entirely. As these questions have been seen often enough to be dull, I'm going to have some fun answering them. Enjoy...

(A note: there are two pages, this one containing information for Ultima's I though V, and a second containing hints for the others. - Paulon)

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Ultima I: THe First Age of Darkness


The First Age of Darkness

Oh my God! I just went POP!

Of all the silly things to do. You've been playing around in a space shuttle, but you didn't listen to your mother when she said to button up tight before going out of the atmosphere. Try wearing something with tight seams, like say a Vacuum Suit or even Reflect Armour.


Ultima II: Revenge of the Enchantress


Revenge of the Enchantress

How do I get keys?

Observe that really big guy with all the muscles and no brain?

Yes. He's a guard isn't he?

That's right, oh most perceptive of Players. If you kill him, I shall reveal to thee the secret of where to gain keys.

<Slash, Hack, Scream>

OK Mr Smart Guy, the Guard's gone. Now, where're my keys?

Try looking in thy pockets, oh most persnickity of petitioners.


Ultima III: Exodus



How do I find a Ship?

Like many things in this world, the sad answer is 'Try, try again.' Thy sole course is to venture along the shore until the pirates doth attack thee, then capture their vessel. As for when they may come close enough to see thee, that is a matter of random chance, and a reward to the patient.


Finally, I've got a ship. Now how do I stop that ^%$^ Whirlpool from munching it?

Why, you'd think that merely having a ship would be enough for you. Such language too. Still, here goes.
The only place the Whirlpool cannot reach is past the ensorcelled Great Earth Serpent, which doth guard the fortress of the Daemon Exodus. Leave thy ship inside that safe harbour, and return through the Moongate when thou dost have need of it.


Ultima IV: Quest of the Avatar


Quest of the Avatar

Some blighter's pinched the Rune of Spirituality! How can I find it?

If you have failed to discuss the matter with the inanimate as well as the animate, then consider this. The Spirit is the greatest treasure of all, so where is the treasure of Britannia kept? In the Vault of Castle Britannia of course.


Oh good grief. They've done it again haven't they? Please don't tell me there's still no way to get ships other than hunting pirates.

I could say so, but I'm afraid it's not virtuous to lie. You still need to wait for the pirates if you want a ship. Sorry.


Hey! I've got into the balloon, but it just won't fly. What gives?

My young quester, you've forgotten the obvious. A ship or horse travels in two dimensions, while a craft that flies must move in three. You must Klimb to lift off, and Descend to land such a craft.


There are eight classes. I know there's a Shepherd somewhere, but there's nothing alive within the walls of Magincia (I already killed Nate the Snake). So where is she hiding?

You've searched within the walls of Magincia, but you have not searched outside them. Walk south outside the moat, down to the very edge of the city. Et Voila! Katrina awaits thee. As for Nate, I hope you had a little chat with him first. If not, you may find that you've got problems...


Hey! I don't want to get my tootsies wet! How do I get past this damn water?

My dear fellow, why on earth would you get wet feet? The barrier portayed in your path is an Energy Field, easily removed by casting that simple enchantment known as Dispel Field.

A Pretty Little Screenshot


The Yellow Stone of Compassion. I think I know where it is, but there isn't a way through the room. This time it really is water. Wah! I still don't want to get my tootsies wet.

Silly you. You aren't looking for the Secret Doorways. When the annoying denizens are removed, step into the northern spot marked in green upon the screen to thy left. Then stand upon the southern one, and thy way shall be made clear, without the hazard of damp toes.


I wanna cast the POWERFUL spells. Tell me where I get Mandrake Root and Nightshade D00d.

In the northeast of Britannia at the location D'G", L'G", lies a single patch of swamp. Searching herein will grant thee some Mandrake Root.
Deep in the western forest called Spiritwood lies a hidden grove wherein thou canst find the mushroom called Nightshade. This place is at J'F", C'O".
Both these reagents are rare and powerful, and may only be found during the dark of both moons. Thou mayst also search as many times as thou doth wish, provided that thou hast left that spot between thy searches. In other words the stuff won't grow if you have your big feet right on top of it.


What? No fair. You've been giving me locations, but how am I supposed to tell one spot from another?

Britannia is medieval in technology, but can make some quite nice glassware. The Guild in Vesper will sell you one, if you ask nicely. Of course they're not just going to come out and say that they sell them, so ask for the unlisted fourth item. And take plenty of gold. Charity is all very well, but a craftsman does have to eat you know.


Oh wonderful. I've got past all the nasties in the Great Stygian Abyss, not to mention your lousy humour in reading down this far, and now I can't get into the Codex Chamber. It just dumps me back at the start. What have I done wrong this time?

A couple of things spring to mind. The most common is that you 'haven't proven your leadership in all eight Virtues' or some such thing. In short you haven't got all the party members. Go find them and bring them back with you. Another possibility is that you've lost an eighth of Virtue somplace in route, and as only an Eight Part Partial Avatar can enter the Codex Chamber, you're stuck until you can regain it. If you weren't an Eight Parts Avatar to begin with, why were you trying to go down there before you were?


Ultima V: Warriors of Destiny


Warriors of Destiny

 HELP!!! I can only type 5 and 0. How can I buy things or set an active party member?

The problem is simple. A Xorn has phased into your keyboard as you loaded the game, attracted by the little light showing that Numlock is on, and has started eating the other numbers. For many people, merely turning off the Numlock is sufficient to scare off the stony monster, but for those who are unlucky, reloading that program that doth open thy window into Britannia without that light showing may be required.


That person is bugging me. How do I get rid of him?

To remove someone from your party, you need to take them to an inn, and leave them there. As the inn doesn't take corpses, you will be forced to resurrect them if they are dead.


Don't tell me. I still can't get ships except from pirates. I guess they never learn do they?

BUZZ. Wrong! Woohoo! You CAN buy ships, so long as you don't try to buy two at the same time. The Ye Olde Catche a Pirate method still works if you're broke though.


How do I get through those purple barriers around the Shadowlords to fight them?

There is a tool to destroy the barriers, but you cannot retain possession of it if you meet a Shadowlord. If you run into one, then you're probably dead anyway, if you can't cast Xen Corp. On the subject of the Shadowlords though, they cannot move from the spot between Midnight and 1 am, so you can make a run from the town during those hours. They won't leave towne while you're there though.
As for actually destroying the barriers when there isn't a Shadowlord about, see below about the Depths of Doom.


I've got loads of experience, but I'm not going up in levels. How do I do this?

Thou canst gain levels from a 'strangely familiar old man' who doth arise from thy fire when thou doth rest. The timing is random, so not every rest will thus aid thee. Listen to what he says of thy Virtue, for he wilt also restore thee if Death doth seek to claim thee.


I wanna be a musician, but I can't work out how to play the Harpsichord. What do I need to do?

Now. The Harpsicord is a complex instrument, so please sit down at it while I explain further. Good. A simplified form of Musical Notation has been recently developed, and Lord British, ever the one to try out the new and experimental devices, has had his harpsicord converted to use it. As it was so successful, most other citizens have followed his example.
Each note is equated to a number. Pressing the number plays the note. Of course even with that arcane spell called MoSlo, some 'computers' are simply too fast for those notes to be heard. Rest assured that though thy tunes are unheard by thine own ears, the right tune on the right instrument will still have wonderous effects.


OK. Dungeon Deceit has earned it's name. How do I get through that last chamber into the Underworld?

The answer is simple, if unvirtuous. Steal a torch, and push the wall behind it. The first wall opens. In the diagram to the left, the walls that act as triggers when pushed are highlighted in green.

If going north, after you have finished in the world below, start by pushing the wall in the southern alcove.


I'm AShamed. I can't get into the appropriate dungeon. :-(

The answer is Shamefully simple. Push. You need to walk to the west wall, then go south as far as possible. Klimb over the rocks to the southernmost point, and push south. A section of wall to your southeast will vanish, revealing more rocks. Klimb to this spot then push south again. Klimb into the new space and Push once more to reveal the exit.

If you are working from the screenshot provided, push the highlighted walls, starting with the northwest one, and proceeding southeast.

Dungeon Shame

Dungeon Doom. Ahhhgggghhh!!!!!

Fun maze isn't it? This problem is so complex it's got it's own page to help you solve it.

Enter the Depths of Doom...


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